by Robert Rich

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Cause And Effect
Robert Rich
Stanford, California, USA
88 minutes 1982

The music of SUNYATA grew out of all-night concerts performed for sleeping audiences. Best experienced at at low volumes in a quiet place this music creates an environment for deepest trance. There are three long textural pieces combining processed natural sounds with electronics, "Dervish Dreamtime", "Sunyata (Emptiness)", and the side-long "Oak Spirits" which surprisingly has a lot of dark overtones. Excellent recording quality and packaging. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
- January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Catalog

The Sunyata cassette is presented here in archival form with the permission of Robert Rich. The cassette transcription offered here is not a substitute for Robert Rich's current version of the recording. You are encouraged to purchase the newly-remastered Sunyata CD

Dervish Dreamtime
19 minutes
Sūnyatā (Emptiness)
26 minutes

Oak Spirits
43 minutes

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Sunyata by Robert Rich was listed in the January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution catalog:
It is presented here strictly for archival, educational, historical, and non-commercial purposes. All rights belong to the artist.

These recordings are straight transcriptions from an original copy of the cassette as it was published by Robert Rich in 1982. No attempt has been made to enhance or "improve" the sound quality. Dolby B Noise Reduction was used to playback the tape during transcription.

Pictured above is a cover of an original copy of Sunyata that is still in my possession. The cover has slightly discolored/yellowed due to age.

Audio files are transcriptions of the entire sides of the cassette, not divided into tracks. This was done for two reasons:
1) to give the listener an opportunity to hear the sides of the tape as continuous listening experiences just as someone might have heard them if they bought the tape from Cause And Effect in 1985
2) to highlight and emphasize the non-commercial nature of this archival presentation

The main purposes here are to preserve artifacts and documents of Cassette Culture Era history, and to honor the artists and labels who produced them.

This is the fourth entry of a project that I have recently commenced to thoroughly document the cassettes that were distributed and produced by Cause And Effect. I expect this project to take several years to complete.

More information on Sunyata and Cause And Effect can be found here


released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


Cause And Effect Indianapolis, Indiana

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