Crazed To The Core

by Walls Of Genius

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Cause And Effect
Walls Of Genius
Crazed To The Core
Boulder, Colorado, USA
C90 1984

Side A
Abdul, The Bulbul Amir
Magic Carpet Rlde
Barbara An n
D0wn On The Corner
M0tel 6
Abdul, Revisited
The Dust Bl0ws Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back...
L0ve Potion Number 9
I Like The Way Your Boobs Bounce

Side B
Henry The Elghth
Tlmothy Leary
Green Rlver
Baseline And Mohawk
The Butt Song
Theme From A Summer Place
My Heart Would Know
Amerika Futura
Ape Heaven
Publishers Soliloquoy
Burning Smurfs

90 minutes of stupidity, inanity and insanity from those lovable morons at Walls Of Genius, the band you love to hate. This cassette is great for parties, loads of laughs and is at turns hilariously grating and annoying to weird and spacey. CRAZED TO THE CORE features idiotic cover versions of "Magic Carpet Ride", "Barbara Ann", "Love Potion #9", and "Henry The Eighth" and others. Other features include "Motel 6", and "Baseline And Mohawk". This cassette makes a great gift. Give it to your kid brother who loves to build model airplanes and blow up toads by shoving lit firecrackers up their asses. FUN. Get it!
- January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution Catalog

The Crazed To The Core cassette is presented here in archival form with the permission of Evan Cantor and Little Fyodor of Walls Of Genius. You can purchase a double CD-R version of Crazed To The Core at Little Fyodor's website:

Crazed To The Core by Walls Of Genius was listed in the January 1985 Cause And Effect Cassette Distribution catalog.
It is presented here strictly for archival, educational, historical, and non-commercial purposes. All rights belong to the artist.

Audio files are transcriptions of the entire sides of the cassette, not divided into tracks. This was done for two reasons:
1) to give the listener an opportunity to hear the sides of the tape as continuous listening experiences just as someone might have heard them if they bought the tape from Cause And Effect in 1985
2) to highlight and emphasize the non-commercial nature of this archival presentation

The main purposes here are to preserve artifacts and documents of Cassette Culture Era history, and to honor the artists and labels who produced them.

This is part of a project that I have recently commenced to thoroughly document the cassettes that were distributed and produced by Cause And Effect. I expect this project to take several years to complete.

For more information on Crazed To The Core and Cause And Effect, please visit


released December 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Cause And Effect Indianapolis, Indiana

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